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OYSTERZE is a team of freelancers who love to Code and Design, whenever free.

Creative Director/Founder
Joel Philip

Joel Philip

A person driven by creativity and yearn to grow, Joel Philip has been the pioneer for OYSTERZE's inception. He is a Computer Science Engineer by profession and has an undying craze for lucid User Interface [UI] development. He believes in making UI as 'subtle and smooth' as possible with a combination of fluidity in design. His passions are composing piano pieces and road trips. As he puts it "Work ain't work unless its fun-filled and revolutionizing" - He makes sure each product of OYSTERZE stands apart from the rest.

Design & Development Director
Jackson Pais

Jackson Pais

A quiet but sharp 'Design-Vigilant', Jackson Pais swears by creativity to his core and makes sure to leave no stone unturned to obtain what he has decided to achieve. Being a Computer Science Engineer, he knows how to put the complex technical aspect into astounding masterpiece of technology. His passion are designing and photography. As he puts it, "Make a canvas ready for design always; for creative thoughts may strike you at any moment" - Jackson is indeed the indisputable match in OYSTERZE for creativity

Network Designer
Prince Alex

Prince Alex

Being a network and hardware fanatic, Prince Alex has a vast know-how about Network/ Database/ Hardware. Being a Computer Science Engineer has only tuned his Hardware and Software skills all the more. His passions are adventurous sports and road trips. As he puts it, "Do nothing and be nothing or else take risks and be something" - Prince is the perfect trail blazer for updating OYSTERZE with innovative technologies time to time.

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